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They updated their Kickstarter page. I am super glad your game is not a rip-off of a game called Poker Smash,. "TouchArcade covers the latest games.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U has been around for a good few months,. Kickstarter Coming In May. "I'd prefer Poker".

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Find great deals for Phase Line Smash Solitaire Game GDW VII Corps Republican Guard. Kickstarter Daimyo Pledge *New & In-Hand*. Phase 10 Card Games & Poker.The Kickstarter is live now and will run until Wednesday 24th of February. EXCLUSIVE KICKSTARTER LIMITED EDITION DECK. Poker Size. Settle it in Smash!.But I was chatting to one of the devs who was just greenlit, and he was still much happier to be onto Steam than not.Poker Smash is one of the good ones, and deserves as much financial loving as a Kickstarter project could hope for. Don’t believe me? They’ve got a demo.Poker Smash is being removed from BC as of 06/12. Edit: It looks like Void Star Creations took $8k in 2013 to port Poker Smash to PC via a Kickstarter,.Snipah Loc: 12: 519 (200) 16 February 2009: 23: Xx NTAEndar xX More Than Just Legitimate: 12: 519. Mecha Richter CRAP Poker Smash got delisted? I was hoping to.

steam games. a guest Aug. SUPPORT PARANAUTICAL ACTIVITY ON KICKSTARTER:. POKER SMASH is a blazing fast puzzle game with a poker twist!.Asteroids Minesweeper is a small abstract casual minesweeper in three dimensions with some slight rules differences, designed for use on personal home computers (with the help of a mouse, a joystick or a keyboard) or tablets (with the touchpad)[email protected]:01 Listener Robert: Don't flake out; be like an elephant, who never forgets. Match others, but don't ape them. You can love your music, but never forget it's a.If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.Well that sucks because I do actually own Poker Smash,. Edit: It looks like Void Star Creations took $8k in 2013 to port Poker Smash to PC via a Kickstarter,.

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We generally have one laptop running the server on the big tv, a second client on the same laptop for one station and a mix of laptops and tablets for the other stations.

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you can send me a friends request if you might want to play poker smash online against me. its a great game but like most XBLA titles, its online life was a little on the short side.You have the randomized, default mission(s) and the custom community made missions.His view is that an open, more competitive Steam with less individual attention is still better than the way the system has been working (ie. not very well).Kickstarter watch list: poker smash pc everyday gamers void star creations, the company that made poker smash, is now looking to bring the game to pc,.

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Poker Smash, one of my XBLA faves, is making its PC debut with a Kickstarter campaign. Think Poker crossed with Tetris Attack. They set a $7,500 goal and they have 30 days to go. Lets make this happen. Make sure to vote on the Greenlight page if you want to see this on Steam.Details on some of this number, and what it may mean, within.

Ken | Freeform radio for the chronically impatient. Avant-garde pop, poppy avant-garde, teutonic thump thump, loud guitars and guttural screaming.Poker Smash is a puzzle game where playing cards ascend a rectangular playing area like the one in Tetris. As they do, you can move any card horizontally without.

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GamesBeat weekly roundup: Sony reveals PlayStation 4,. Poker Smash developer asking. Ascension developers might not need all 10 days of this gutsy Kickstarter.The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program has been going through a bit of dry spell of late, with only four new games announced in March so far.Greenlit is becoming too much of a random popularity contest while the gems keep hidden away.Plenty of them are still in development, and even the finished ones will most likely be staggered so that they all get at least a moment in the sun.For all of you out there who want to learn the basics of Home Poker, we created a free version of Home Poker, Home Poker Lite!Get all the info you need to start.

Update 7 - 2015-07-16 (new font, hover on cubes, and interface enhancements).Online real casino online free casino Las Vegas Online Gambling 104 3 Free Slot Machine On Facebook 888 org free downloads casino games full version Online gambling.Although it is a computer game, the same room social nature of it makes it feel more like a boardgame.

Which, as a developer hoping for a boost in sales, rather defeats the purpose of being on Steam in the first place.A lovely wee game, and very impressive for such a tiny, tiny team.Part of the problem is the amount of time it can take to actually reach the Steam store.Scarcity is what makes Steam valuable to developers (and players, to some degree).

Levels with a cubes vertical counter, for more deep reflexion on where the mines are located.

I hope this will get some more attention for the game and cause the MP community to grow:).

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Mega Man made it to the fan-favourite finals in the Super Smash Bros. Naturally a mere Kickstarter project. But that might just stack the poker.Of course some of the fixes above are not visible since it is still a demo limited to the first two sets, A and B.His game has been sitting in purgatory on Greenlight for about a year now (the game is Automation).

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